Detailing is the systematic rejuvenation and protection of the various surfaces of a vehicle. “Systematic” refers to the fact that, as we recondition a vehicle, we use specific procedures that allow us to do the work in the most efficient and effective manner. “Rejuvenation” refers to the procedures we use to return your vehicle at or close to showroom condition. “Protection” refers to the procedures that we use that will help keep your vehicle looking new after we leave. “Various surfaces of the vehicle” is in reference to the fact that a vehicle is made up of dozens of surfaces (paint, interior/exterior trim, wheels, leather, carpet, etc).

A Reconditioning Specialist combines chemicals, equipment, knowledge of vehicle surfaces, industry standards, and client requirements into systematic procedures that yield quality service and ultimately a delighted client. “Chemicals” refers to all of the cleaning and protecting products the Reconditioning Specialist utilizes during the performance of your service. ProMobile uses biodegradable chemicals. “Equipment” refers to the tools of the trade for a Reconditioning Specialist such as polishers, extractors, air compressors, power washers and ozone generators. “Knowledge of vehicle surfaces” indicates that the Reconditioning Specialist understands how to rejuvenate and protect each of the many varied surfaces of your vehicle. “Industry Standards” refers to industry and governmental best practices and requirements. ProMobile actively and regularly pursues available information sources to enhance our vehicle surface cleaning and protection expertise. “Client requirements” refers to our commitment to providing our clients with the required knowledge of what our services entail and that we ensure mutual understanding of a client’s expectations and needs. Finally, all ProMobile Reconditioning Specialists are Certified in their craft.

We proudly provide services at any Clark County, Washington location of your choosing. Our only requirement is that you have permission in advance for us to do so.

We want your ProMobile experience to be as convenient and unobtrusive as possible so we provide the water and power for you at the Clark County, Washington location of your choosing.

Not to worry! We do offer a waterless car wash but if it’s a water car wash you require, we can utilize a car wash mat during every service that captures and reclaims all water used during the washing process. As residents of Clark County, we care about the environment just like you!